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"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life" BKS Iyengar .................... Join us for Ecclectic Yoga Classes for all levels, Private Sessions, Workshops, Beach Yoga, Meditation, Musical Chanting and Yoga Adventures!! Scroll down to see this week's message and upcoming events...Shanti Om Yoga with Amy

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Sunset Yoga with Live Music on the Beach Tonight 7pm!!

Yoga, Beach, Sunset, Live Music!!! Doesn’t get better than that. Hope you can make it for this very special class.

It is going to be awesome for sunset tonight!! Especially since we will have very special guest, Michael Braceland Smith accompanying us with his melodic guitar playing as we flow to the yogic rhythms of our bodies, breath and beach.

guitar and yoga mat


Please try to arrive early as I will be locking up the beach parking lot at 7:05 to head down to the sand.  Sunset is at 8:10pm tonight  As the days begin to shorten, we will begin our class earlier.


Next week we will plan to meet at 6:45 for a 7pm class start.  Reminder that there is NO CLASS THIS COMING FRIDAY OR SUNDAY!! 

Need more info?  Click on the link below for directions and details on beach yoga.

Namaste Sweet Ones,

See you on the Beach!!


Yoga this Week – July 19, 2014

Beach Yoga Tomorrow Morning 8:45am – Beech Road Beach in Rocky Point – click on link for more info

anjali mudra in lotus

“Through practice, I’ve come to see that the deepest source of my misery is not wanting things to be the way they are. Not wanting myself to be the way I am. Not wanting the world to be the way it is. Not wanting others to be the way they are. Whenever I’m suffering, I find this ‘war with reality’ to be at the heart of the problem.”

Stephen Cope


Greetings dear yoga students,

Welcome to another glorious day. As you meander through your daily round, think about something you may be “at war” with in your own life. Living life on life’s terms is not an endeavor for the faint hearted. As humans, we seem to always want to fix things or create fantasies and repeat mantras like; “if only things were different then I could be happy”. True inner contentment only comes from within. We must make the decision to be happy now. Now is all we have. This moment, this day, this family, this body, this home, this job, this stretch of 24 hours to live our life. Cultivate acceptance with whatever or whoever is in your life today. Be the one that brings serenity to your interactions and act with your heart on situations that seem to baffle you. Try and do more reflection that reaction and you may find, things are exactly as they should be. Relax, let go and focus today on being at peace with reality. The war within quiets when you cultivate Santosha – contentment; allow yourself to bloom wherever you are planted, within whatever circumstances life finds you.

om circle

Classes for this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am with 11am meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening 7:15pm on the Beach weather permitting or in Yoga Room

Friday Morning 930am Healing Yoga

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga 8:45am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed – Beach yoga does not require reservation but make sure you arrive at least ten minutes prior to class start to receive your parking pass)



I now have seven copies of Gift from the Sea for distribution to whomever would like to join our book Sangha group.  We will plan to meet mid August possibly on Friday, August 15th in the early evening on Cedar Beach to reflect on the book and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.


Watch for another Yoga and Kayaking trip  and the Fall Retreat with Yoga Darshana Center at Camp DeWolfe coming in September – details will follow.




Yoga this Week – July 13, 2014

“We will only discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or other people’s models,

learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.”

Shaki Gawain

yoga and sunrise


The fourth Niyama (or observance) in the Eight Limb Path of yoga is the study of the self.

Like so many yoga practices, svadhyaya is the process of getting to know who we really are; our true self. Yoga asana, pranayam, and meditation are all ways to peel off the layers of our false selves. Doing this and staying present to the process is not always easy. As we peel the layers and really look at our exposed wounds, memories, conditionings and patterns, we may feel more confused and defeated than when we began. Trust the process and turn again and again to those spiritual teachers that came before us. They are there to guide us; in books, in music, in our dreams, our prayers or maybe sitting right across from us at work, home or in our communities. As we work to let go of others (or even our own) ideas of who we should be, the more open and compassionate to our own “particular genius” we can become and the more our “natural channels” to the divine open and our dharma (life’s purpose) is revealed.

sacred journey2

Yoga this Week

Tuesday 930am with 11am Meditation following class

Wednesday Evening at 715pm will be on the beach if weather permits or in the studio

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930-11am

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga at 845am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

images (5)


Watch for the return of Monday Evenings in the Yoga Room – Begins August 4th

This class will require pre-registration of at least four students each week for class to take place.


Summer Yoga Group Book Read – Gifts From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have requested 8 copies of the book to be held for me and I should have them this week.  Let me know if you would like me to hold one for you.  If you have your own copy, pull it down, dust it off and begin.  It is a perfect summer book to read again and again.  We will discuss where and when we will meet to contemplate this treasured classic.


Beginning August 6th I will be leading an all-levels Yoga Class at the North Shore Public Library on Wednesday mornings at 10am for the month of August.  Registration begins on August 1st.  If anyone of you are interested in demonstrating for me, let me know.  It would be much appreciated!!!  Also at the North Shore Public Library this Saturday, Kishori (Kim) begins her Ayurvedic Series!  There may still be room for this informative three-session presentation.


Classes down at the beach have been lovely.  I welcome lots of new faces  and am enjoying being on our beach twice a week.  Continue to check the website if the weather looks questionable as Wednesday  classes will be held in our yoga room if beach is not accessible.


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om!

Be at Peace, you are already perfect exactly the way you are!

 namaste meaning


Yoga this Week – July 7, 2014

“Yoga is a balancing factor, a substratum across all of your life, so you do not get shifted in one direction or another. It gives you freshness, gives you light, recharges your batteries. You become a stable person. You realize what balance is, what sukha is, what contentment is, what joy is.”
~ Birjoo Mehta


Hoping to see you all in class this week so together we can recharge, rebalance and stabilize to experience yoga’s true gifts;  sukha (sweetness), contentment and joy!!!

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening at 7:15pm –  Weather permitting On the Beach – Weather not cooperative in Yoga Room

Thursday Evening 7:30pm – Restorative Yoga, Acupuncture & Reiki with Essential Oils Workshop

((Still two spots open if anyone has a desire to experience sheer bliss and total relaxation!))

Friday Morning 930am Healing Yoga

Sunday Morning 845am Yoga on the Beach

(Please reserve you spot for Yoga Room classes or cancel if your plans have changed)



Want to be part of a yoga group summer book reading?  I would like to offer a timed classic to read together for the summer.  Ann Morrow Lindberg’s  “Gift From the Sea”.  This is a treasure I pull out every summer and always find it refreshing, deep and engaging.  Let me know if you would like to join me and we will set a date for a nice discussion towards the end of summer.

****Stay Tuned for the return of Monday Evenings beginning August 4th for those of you who prefer to practice indoors in the everning****


A Note on Beach Yoga:  Please click on the link for details regarding yoga on the beach.  If you need to acquire a parking permit from me, you need to arrive at least ten minutes before the start of class as I will be locking up a few minutes before class start time to get down to the beach and teach.  If you do arrive late, there a three or four public “safe” parking spots on Acadia Road (the road just down the hill to the left of the walk way on the street).

Also, if walking up the stairs proves to be too taxing, you can always choose to walk up to the parking lot  via the path on Hallock Landing.  Its much more gradual.


Any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture with Essential Oils – Thursday, July 10th


  Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture – Thursday, July 10th – 730-930pm


Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture with Essential Oils

Amy Perri, ERYT500/Reiki Practitioner & Benjamin Craig, Lic. Acupuncturist/Reiki Master

Thursday, July 10th at 730pm to 930pm

Rest yoga yin yang

In this special event, restorative yoga, reiki energy healing and acupuncture are integrated to create an indulgent experience designed to restore your balance, wellbeing and facilitate a deep sense of calm in mind, body and spirit.

If you have never experienced acupuncture before, this would be a wonderful, gentle introduction. The acupuncture points were specifically chosen for their universal healing properties including supporting the immune system, balancing energy and creating a overall sense of relief.

Restorative yoga postures are supported by blankets, pillows, straps and bolsters to relieve tension, stress and open energy in the body.

Reiki Healing is a non-invasive channeling of universal healing energy with the intention of loving kindness sent to the receiver. The scent of essential oils allow your body and mind to relax even deeper by facilitating a calming effect.


First come, first serve – This workshop will fill up – Register as soon as possible.

Amy Perri, ERYT500 and Benjamin Craig, LAc join forces to combine these three amazing helaing modalities creating an indulgent experience that will be sure to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to open up to the beautiful season ahead!

Benjamin Craig is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master/Teacher. He combines modern knowledge and ancient tradition to treat the individual’s Body, Mind and Spirit. Ben is a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine and has offices on long Island and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In addition to his private practices Ben hosts community Acupuncture events, teaches Reiki and lectures on science behind holistic and energy medicines.

Amy Perri is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour professional level with Yoga Alliance. Amy is a Reiki II Level Practioner who owns and operates a fully equipped yoga studio that will support and nuture you through this amazing healing experience.

Due to the nature of this class we must limit attendance to ten participants.

Please register as soon as possible. Payment of $50 is due as soon as possible to hold your spot. This covers the two hour yoga class, Reiki and acupuncture treatments.

To register or for more information contact:

Amy Perri, RYT 631-839-0644

Yoga this Week – June 29, 2014


Greetings dearest yoga students,

I love summer. I love diving in, breathing the air, feeling the warm shining sun on my face.   I love embracing the cool breeze and the tingaling feeling of salt on my skin hours after a dip in the sea. I love the energy in myself and I can feel it in those around me. Today’s kayaking adventure included all of these things and more. I am so very blessed to do the work that I love in this lifetime. To be around such wonderful open-minded people embracing natures beauty not only sharing an adventurous  journey across the water,  but an inspiring  yoga class on an island while collectively raising funds for our local soup kitchen was truly a gift. The water, sun, air, sky, birds, sand were all part of our practice.   When a student came up to me and said “Amy, you have truly found your dharma, this is your life’s work”, it filled me with such joy and awe.  Work?  I smiled and laughed to myself because I really never feel like any of these classes, events, sangha’s, are work!! (Although I must say, I will sleep deep tonight!)   Thank you all for your continued dedication to your yoga practice and to this community that continues to grow.  Thank you all for allowing me to live my dharma by brining this ancient practice of yoga in all its forms to new and continuing students.  And thank you for being  the open, receptive, loving and supportive people that yogi’s are known to be.  Sat Nam, A deep, loving bow to you all!!

mother earth 2

Classes this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening at 715 at the Beach *

Friday Happy Fourth of July (No Class)

Sunday Morning 845am at the Beach *

*(Remember beach classes are weather permitting – if the weather looks questionable, check the website or facebook page, if there is no posting, beach is a go!)


July Happenings

Tuesday July 15th at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga and Wellness Center I will be providing live musical chanting at two of the evening classes

Click on the link for details


If you are a patron of the North Shore Public Library, check out the Saturday workshops on Ayurvedic practices that Kim (Kishori) is leading.  Kim facilitated an Ayurvedic lecture here at our yoga room last summer.  If you are interested sign up!  It should be very informative.

 cobras and om

Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy, peaceful and Free.  And my our thoughts, words and actions in this day help to contribute to that freedom for all.

Thank you also to those hat support our freedom, in and out of the military.  May you be safe, healthy, happy and know peace!




Yoga & Kayaking Adventure Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings adventurous ones.

Follow this link for directions and details but please read below.


If you are planning to attend, please try and arrive early so that we can meet on the sand by the dock at 10am. The rental facility opens at 9am, so if you are renting please give yourself sufficient time. The rental facility is just a short 2 minute paddle to the beach by the dock where we are shooting for a 10am meet up so you would want to be in your boat before 10.

For those of you who are bringing your own boats; the rental facility told me they will allow us to park the overflow of cars in their lot, so if you arrive and do not find parking at the dock, go to the rental facility and tell them you are with the Yoga and Kayaking group.  There are limited number of legal parking spots on the dock so be careful.

If you are NOT renting, you MUST BRING YOUR OWN LIFE VEST and have proper equipment.  If you rent, they will give you everything you need.  Don’t forget to bring lunch or snacks, drink, sunscreen,  towel and/or yoga mat and exact change for the $15 fee.

mother earth 2

Looking forward to water, sun, sand, air, and lots and lots of open space to share together in Sangha!!


Any questions, email me!




Yoga this Week – June 22, 2014

  anjali mudra in lotus 

“Yoga helps us to remember again and again what we have forgotten…

that our bodies, our minds and our lives are pliable, changeable and capable of creating any experience we choose to create.”


images (7)

If you are feeling stuck, stagnant or blocked at this time, please try and remember that even in the “down” times, we are still moving forward.  It is imperative, however,  that during dormancy we try and trust that the abundance of the universe is on its way; we are most likely being prepared for something much greater, much more expansive than our limited minds can understand.  Even when we are not sure of our next step, all we need do is stumble forward in faith, in perseverance and in the knowing that at any given moment we have the opportunity to make the necessary changes in our lives toward health, well being and happiness.  Allow your yoga practice to be a beautiful reminder of just how moldable our bodies, minds and spirits can become one compassionate,  patient, focused moment at a time.

tree cartoon

Classes for this week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening at 715pm on the Beach  – Click on the link for details –

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

Sunday Morning Yoga and Kayaking Fundraiser Adventure – Click on the link for details –

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

yoga circle

The beach yoga class was a beautiful experience and so wonderful to see many new faces coming out to practice on our amazing shoreline.  Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.  Jai to Summer!  Its finally here, lets enjoy every moment…



Yoga this Week – June 15, 2014

cindi lee

Every time we come into the present moment we unlock our ideas about what our life should look like.  Yoga helps us realize the unlimited potential that is inherent in every moment..  It shapes the way we feel about ourselves, our world and our dreams.  When we experience the radiance of our bodies, the power of our breath and the qualities of a calm mind, a long hidden truth comes floating to the service; that we are more than the sometimes limited labels we place on ourselves.  We remember again what we have forgotten, that we are more than our bodies, more than our thoughts, more than even this limited time we are encapsulated in called our life.  When we realize this truth again and again, we can give ourselves permission to dream dreams, discover new passions and then cultivate the trust and strength to materialize our desires.  So allow your yoga to be more than achieving some outward expression of physical form, allow YOUR yoga to unlock the inner flexibility of your minds so your life can soar beyond your wildest dreams.

heart chak

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am with Guided Meditation


Wednesday Evening at 730pm


Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am


Sunday Morning BEACH YOGA at 845am on NSBPOA’s Beech Road Beach

Make sure you check the website or facebook pages prior to any beach yoga classes for any cancellations!


(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

-Relay for Life 2011



Mind over Madness Summer Solstice in Times Square NYC

Saturday, June 21st in Manhattan – Let me know if you received a ticket and would like to join our group


Kayaking and Yoga Adventure & Fundraiser June 29th in Setauket

go to and click on events to see details




Yoga this Week – June 8, 2013


 Yoga this Week - February 25, 2012


“Your life is a sacred journey.  It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.  You re on the path…exactly where you are meant to be right now …And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love”

                                                                                                          ~~Caroline Adams



 Hoping this email finds you all well, enjoying this sacred journey we call our lives.  Returning home from my yoga and hiking retreat this weekend, I am reminded of the great power in being still, being challenged, being opened and being free.  Stepping out of our comfort zone, whether it is to sit on a meditation cushion, step on to our yoga mats, climb a mountain or open ourselves up to another, helps to expand our “vision of what is possible” in our lives.  Life itself is the greatest journey we will ever take.  It is an adventure into the unknown forest of emotions, into the complexity of our minds, the amazing resilience of our bodies, the flowing energy of relationships and most importantly, an adventure into that deep inner wellspring of compassion and love  from which all magnificent tales of triumph are born.


Yoga this Week


Tuesday 930am with Meditation


Wednesday Evening at 730pm


Friday 930am Healing Yoga


(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)




Kayaking and Yoga Adventure & Fundraiser June 29th in Setauket


Yoga on the Beach Begins Sunday June 22 at 845am!!! –  Details to follow






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