Class Schedule

**Please note Schedule Due to Social Distancing Guidelines-Classes are offered on the Lawn, Beach and on-line.  For on-line access Click on ZOOM 

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

BKS Iyengar


(Always make sure to check home page for weekly message for any schedule changes)

Monday Morning Chair Yoga 1030am (Suspended until September)


930am Tuesday Morning All Levels Yoga(on Zoom & in person in the Yard, weather permitting) Please email or text me for a spot in person, register on ZOOM  for on-line access)


Wednesday Evening All Levels Yoga 7pm (on Beach in summer-Thursday if rain-on Zoom if rains both nights)

930am Friday Morning Gentle/Healing Yoga 930am (on Zoom & in person in the Yard, weather permitting) Please email or text me for a spot in person, register on ZOOM  for on-line access)


Monday Maryhaven Yoga 515pm (Sept-June) Suspended until further notice)


Thursday Riverhead 1199 Retired Heath-care Workers Yoga & Meditation 11am (suspended till further notice)

Most Classes are 75 to 90 minutes long.  Please reserve your spot by email or text.


Combining an eclectic blend of various yoga traditions, Amy weaves alignment based yoga poses, slow flowing sequences, breath work, relaxation, aromatherapy,  meditation and chanting in her classes.  Gently infusing yogic philosophy, Amy encourages her students to embrace yoga on and off their mats. Our Intimate Classes are for all levels, modifications are always encouraged while personal attention is the focus.

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New to Yoga??  consider a private session before you begin.  Certainly not a requirement but a wonderful way to prepare yourself as you begin your journey.  click  HERE  to find out more.


Class Fees

Suggested Donation $15 per class

Donation Class cards can also be purchased at 10 for $120 and 5 for $65 with a one year expiration date


 Beach Yoga during summer months – Click the link above for details on beach yoga



Yoga Adventures integrating our yoga practice with the wonders of nature.  Including Yoga Hikes, Yoga & Kayaking and Beach Yoga.  Check event page!



Email or Call for directions and more information

839-0644 or

Purple Om

Musical Chanting for Yoga Classes and Kirtans

*Live Music and Yoga Classes 

*Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture with Essential Oil Workshops

*Private Sessions – Yoga for Children – Special Situations-Reiki Treatments-Workshops*

  Yoga Pictures on Beach of Amy 019 

6 thoughts on “Class Schedule”

  1. I am interested in starting yoga but would like your recommendation for a BEGINNERS class. I am 56 yrs “young” and fairly good physical shape but suffer from arthritis in my neck which confines my movements. Availabilty-evenings Days off WED and MON

    1. Hi Pat,

      My Friday morning class is a gentle healing yoga class. You may find it comfortable for you. I am planning, however, to do a beginners series in the fall. If you would like, email me at and I will notify you when it will begin. Thank you so much

  2. i just read the above message and i could have written it too. Like Pat, I am looking for a REAL beginner, gentle class. I work, so I would need an evening class. Please sent me the schedule for the beginners series for this fall. Thanks, Prudence

  3. Hi my name is Katie I am extremely interested in your beach yoga. I took a yoga class in college and loved it and took some classes at my gym. I’ve been looking every where for a yoga class on the beach. Will you begin your yoga night classes on the beach this week?

  4. Hello ,
    My name is Rebecca and my Girl Scout trip took a class with you at your home. They loved it!! I am very interested in taking classes with my daughter Leanna , she is 8. We live around the corner from you , which is awesome , no excuse to not make it lol. Please let me know if you have any thing available for a mommy and me yoga class. My mom is also interested . 631-561-3503

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