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"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life" BKS Iyengar .................... Join us for intimate group yoga classes, private yoga or healing sessions. All classes offer personal attention, philosophy and meditation along with the use of aromatherapy, props and professional guidance. Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it is a way of being in your body and mind that empowers you and all you serve in your life! Workshops, Beach Yoga, Musical Chanting and Yoga Adventures!! Scroll down to see this week's message and upcoming events...Shanti Om Yoga with Amy

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Pool Yoga & Some Unfortunate Cancellations

Greetings dear yoga students,

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When one door closes, another door is always opening.  Sometimes quickly and sometimes painfully slow.  Take heart, trust and believe!!

First the cancellations:


Sad to announce that Due to a family situation, The Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture Class on August 4th,  as well as the Yoga and Kayaking trip on August 6th, HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  I will be rescheduling both these events as soon as I can.  

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Second, something fun:  Pool Yoga August 4th at 9am

I am scheduling a special POOL YOGA CLASS on Thursday, August 4th at 9am (weather permitting of course)!  I’ve been doing pool yoga on my own for a long time and since the summer has been so steamy, the pool is up to a wonderfully warm 86 degrees.  We will gently swim our way into some wonderful yoga flows, floating relaxations and a meditation in the shade on the water’s edge.  This class is for all levels but it particularly delicious for those that have joint pain and limited mobility.  Regular class fees/cards apply.  Please reserve your spot and let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in.

Namaste, keep smiling!!

Excuse the language but I thought this was very funny!!

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Yoga this Week – July 25, 2016

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Much Love and Gratitude to all of you who continue to practice here.  We are not only yoga students that come together to practice, we are a community of like-minded individuals raising vibrations collectively to lift the energies within our community and the larger world.     I am truly humbled to be able to bring you this ancient practice in our intimate space honoring the traditional way it was taught many thousands of years ago!  Much   gratitude to  all who find their way to our yoga room, sangha and into my heart.   Shanti, shanti, shanti!  Ooooommmmmm

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Yoga this Week

(Chanting starts ten minutes prior to start of class – come for chanting, grab a percussion instrument in the basket on the desk before you come into yoga room, join in or just come and set yourself up for class and listen!!)

Tuesday Morning Yoga 930am with Meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga 7pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga 9am (**requires pre-registration)

(Please reserve your spot in class or cancel if your plans have changed, please note that Sunday Morning yoga requires a minimum of students to pre-register for class to run, always check website or facebook page for Sunday Morning cancellations before heading to beach)

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Thursday, August 4th at 730pm – Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils Summer Session – Spots are going fast, if you have reserved a spot, please get your pre-payment in as soon as you can.  Contact me for details.  Click on for more info.

Thursday, August 11th Book Talk:  “A Walk on the Beach” will take place on Cedar Beach at 615pm (weather permitting)

Yoga and Kayaking Trip – Stay Tuned for Details in the next day or two!!


Beach yoga tomorrow morning 9am


Feel free to bring a beach umbrella for shade. Hope to see you on the sand for some gentle yoga. Click the link for details

Beach Yoga in Rocky Point

Namaste 💛

Restorative yoga and acupuncture is on its way!

Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils  Thursday, August 4th at 730pm

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Amy Perri, ERYT500/Reiki Practitioner & Benjamin Craig, Lic. Acup/Reiki Master

In this amazing session restorative yoga, reiki energy healing and acupuncture are infused with aromatherapy indulging you in an experience created to bring your body, mind and spirit into harmony and wholeness.

This session provides a gentle introduction to the powerful, healing qualities of acupuncture.  Each restorative yoga pose is gently complimented by acupuncture points that have the ability to release blocks, move vital chi (life force energy), boost your immune system, calm emotions and relax the mind.

  • Restorative yoga postures are supported by blankets, pillows, straps and bolsters to relieve tension, stress & open energy in the body.
  • Reiki Healing is a non-invasive channeling of universal healing energy with the intention of loving kindness sent to the receiver.
  • The creative art of aromatherapy (use of pure essential oils) allow your body and mind to relax even deeper, while lifting the emotions it creates an atmospheric shift in the room.

First come, first serve – This workshop will fill up – Register as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of this class we must limit attendance to ten participants.  These workshops do fill up! Please register as soon as possible.  Payment of $60 is due in advance  (No refunds after 48 hours prior to session)   

To register or for more information contact:

Amy Perri  or

 at 839-0644 

Yoga this Week – July 18, 2016

**Please note that Tuesday Morning Yoga time is switched to 9am for this week only – If you signed up for class please let me know you received the time change notification, thanks**

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Hoping this email finds you well.  The pull and the tug are everything.  We can learn so much from our yoga asana practice when we go deeper than the surface pose.  The tension, the pull and the tug in a posture creates the open lines of energy we are seeking.  The grounding down to rise up and hugging in to shine out are what life is all about.  Life is not about being free of struggle or tension but about the energy and strength that are created in the midst of it all.

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning Yoga begins at 9am this week!  

No Beach Yoga Wednesday Night

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga 9am

(Please reserve your spot in class)

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Looking forward to our book talk on “A Walk on the Beach”.  If you are reading along with us and would like to join in our discussion, I would love to have a sunset talk at Cedar Beach  possibly Thursday, August 11th, rain date August 18th at 645pm.

More info to come on our Yoga and Kayaking Trip very soon, its been a very busy summer for us over here!!



No sunday beach yoga tomorrow

Due to the foreboding forecast of thunder and rain very possible for morning we are cancellng beach yoga tomorrow. This can be your time to sleep in relax and enjoy.

Watch for email coming with schedule changes for this week.

Namaste FB_IMG_1448450561608


Yoga this Week – July 11, 2016


Greetings dearest yoga students,

“Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions”.  I love this quote from the late, great BKS Iyengar.  Maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life is not as easy as it sounds.  Situations, events, people and even our own minds can throw us out of balance leading us to act in, shall I say, less than skillful ways.  The great news is that we have ways to return to equanimity and integrity.  Just as if we are coming into a yoga pose, we can breath, feel, relax and realign to what is true, right and integral in the moment.  Even if we have to stop and realign a thousand times a day, this is the practice and this is living your yoga.  May you allow it to guide you through this day!!

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Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening 7pm Beach Yoga

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

Sunday Morning Gentle Beach Yoga 9am (bring a shade umbrella if its very sunny)

(please sign up for Yoga Room classes, or cancel if your plans have changed – all information on beach classes can be found here




Yoga this Week – July 5, 2016

2016-07-04 22.51.00

Ola Amigos,

Just returning from Tulum, Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula, I am filled with energy from the natural world both above and below the sea.  It always amazes me how nature can both nurture, awaken, excite and renew our spirits.  In the same way our yoga practice unites us to that which is everlasting and unchanging:  Gazing at the shore and sky, swimming with the fish, and feeling the warm ground underneath the soles of our bare feet connect us to that which is in perfect balance and harmony.  Enjoy this season of abundance, give thanks for the free world that we have the honor to roam and always, pray for those that are not as fortunate as we are right now.

2016-07-05 04.01.32

Yoga this Week

Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga at 7pm

Thursday Morning Healing Yoga at 8:45am (This replaces Friday’s class this week)

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga at 9am

(Please sign up for class or cancel if your plans have changed)

**Next Week Normal Schedule Resumes**

2016-07-01 13.30.08

Tree Pose in the Jungle

Watch for details on our annual Yoga & Kayaking Trip Saturday, August 6th

Namaste and Adios for now


Yoga this Week – June 26, 2016

 ***Scroll down for important schedule alterations for this week***
“You have been given the gift of yoga; listen to it, act on it and you can break thrugh the bonds of karma.  On this path, no effort made is lost and there are no adverse effects.  Even a little practice of this dharma preserves one from fear.  If your mind is chattering all the time and unsteady, there are too many choices and thoughts.  But when your mind is clear and one-pointed, there is only  one way to go”
                                                         From the Bhagavad Gita (Ancient Hindu Scripture)

Yoga this Week

Tuesday, June 28th at 930am
There will be no other classes this week.
Classes resume as follows:
Beach Yoga on Wednesday, July 7th at 7pm
Thursday, July 7th at 8:45am (will replace Fridays class)
Beach Yoga Sunday, July 10th at 9am
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A new 23 minute practice video is up on the website.  Click the link and enjoy.  Its an amateur video but I think you will enjoy the practice.
May there be peace everywhere!!

Beach Yoga & Book Info

Greetings and Happy Summer!!!

Beach Yoga Tonight at 7pm and Sunday at 9am.


Just a reminder that Beach Yoga is on Wednesday Evenings at 7pm and Sunday Mornings at 9am.  (Next Week there will be no Beach Yoga Wednesday 6/29 or sunday 7/3 but will resume on 7/6).  Click on this link for all the info


I have received a few copies of “A Walk on the Beach” by Joan Armstrong for our summer reading experience and available for you when you come to class.  I have also reserved five copies at the North Shore Public Library which they are inter loaning for us and should be available in a couple days.  Feel free to pick up a copy at the library.


Save the date for a Yoga and Kayaking Trip on August 6th (possible launch site is Smithtown Nissequoge River – Bob’s Canoe Rentals)  Details will follow….

Enjoy the Moment!




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