Grounded in Gratitude

Gratitude:  A Spiritual Experience

By Amy Perri, eRYT500 /

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude” Denise Waitley

We all want to be happy and living with love. grace and gratitude is the direct path.   There is always something to be grateful for even on our worst days.  Expressing our gratitude leads us to the beautiful practices of Santosha and Aparigraha outlined in the Yoga Sutras as contentment and greedlessness.  When we feel grateful, we acknowledge that we have everything we need within and without and come from an attitude of abundance instead of lack.  Melody Beatty said that “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of Life”.  When we embrace and acknowledge what is dear to us, our hearts are opened, divine light pours in and we are engulfed in feelings of love and grace.  A moment like this can transform your entire day from one that is ordinary to one that is full of miracles where we seem to lack nothing.

However, one of the most beautiful gifts about feeling grateful is that it is not easily contained.  We must share it, express it and are moved to give back creating a reciprocal flow of goodness.

A practice that will surely cultivate gratitude in your life is to meditate on all those things you hold most precious and dear (write them down if you wish) and simultaneously begin to envision if one or more of those things was suddenly taken away. Spend some time in that space and experience the loss and desire.  This is the short road to gratitude.    Sometimes it truly does take a loss to find gratitude and understand what something or someone had meant to us, but you don’t have to wait till something is physically gone; you can create those circumstances right now where you are creating the fertile ground for contentment, non-greed and gratitude to grow.

 Unfortunately, we have a true loss happening right now as I write one the last articles to be published in the wonderful Satsang!  A true gem of information, community and insight is being put to rest.  However, we can combat those feelings of sadness by engulfing our hearts in gratitude for all the connections made and the amazing work of the Long Island Yoga Association throughout the years.  All things have a life cycle, and nothing lasts forever.  SA TA NA MA Wha Hey Guru – Life Death Rebirth Infinity and we look to our inner and outer teacher to guide us through these transitions with gratitude for all that flows in and out of our life knowing that all endings become beginnings.

“Sunrise doesn’t last all morning; a cloudburst doesn’t last all day. Seems my love has up and left without a warning. It’s not always gonna be this grey.  All things must pass, all things must away” George Harrison

Look around you and inside you in this moment, the present moment, and see that you lack nothing.  Express your gratitude for now for you will never pass by the scenery of today again.  You cannot travel to, own or consume happiness but you can encourage it by living every minute you can with love, grace and gratitude.

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