Yoga this Week – January 22, 2012

“When the practitioner is firmly established in continence;
knowledge, vigor, valor, and energy flow to him”
                                    Yoga Sutra II:38

Greetings dearest yoga students,
It is with great pleasure that I share the ancient teachings from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with you.  It is through transmitting this knowledge to you that I learn and grow in my own practice.  The ethical practices of yoga are life long, daily and pertinent if we are to bring peace to our lives, those immediately connected to us and the larger world.  These “codes for living” are not unique to those that follow the Sutras but variations can be found in nearly every spiritual tradition since the beginning of  time.  Try to connect with them on your own personal level with any other spiritual/religious path you believe in.
The fourth week in our studies brings us to Brahmacarya, which literally means to “walk with God”.  This is one of the more confusing yamas for me  as I have read many different explanations and perspectives.  The most general definition that I came up with that is most easily understood is that Brahmacarya means to practice moderation in all of our affairs.  This yama is most frequently associated with sexual energy and warns the practitioner to use their sexual energy wisely and with awareness with the highest intention.  However, the deeper I studied this yama what was revealed to me is that it truly is a call to practice moderation or temperance in all our thoughts, words and actions.
Practicing moderation brings us into balance with our vital energy.  When we find ourselves mindlessly dumping our energy into non-healthy or task-avoiding behavior, all we have to do is become aware, refocus and begin again.  This week as we explore the concept of Brahmacarya, I invite you to notice your relationship to food, money, sex, work, exercise, family, appearance, etc.  Notice if those things bring about a sense of well being or anxiety.  Look at your life without judgement and become aware of places you may be unconsciously dumping your precious time and energy into; either physically or simple obsessing in your mind.  Bring the preceding yamas into your practice by cultivating non-violence, honesty and deep contentment for what you have in your life, knowing you have everything you need to create equanimity and peace. 
All Hatha Yoga practicies work to cultivate balance.  When you are truly balanced by practicing moderation in all parts of your life, you will ultimately gain true freedom and ease.  By actively restraining your indulgent, addictive, self-defeating behaviors you will create the atmosphere for all the “knowledge, vigor, valor and energy” that you have always desired to flow through just as the right conditions in nature allow snow flakes to fall effortlessly from the winter sky.
Classes for this Week
Monday and Thursday Evening at 730pm
Tuesday Morning at 930am with 11am Meditation to follow class
Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am
(please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)
Looking forward to Restorative Yoga and Acupunture on Wednesday at 7pm.  If you are one of the attendees, please dress comfortably in stretchy layered clothing and come prepared to leave your cares at the door.  Try to arrive ten minutes early if possible.
Hope to see you all in class!!
Enjoy the snow!!
Amy Perri
Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr

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