Yoga this Week – February 12, 2012

 “Avoid greed in your life and you will vibrate harmoniously with this attribute of Aparigraha.   Treat others with respect and be generous with your time and attention. Remember, if you want love, freely give love away”

Remove yourself from the center of the universe. Release self seeking and look for ways in which you can give to those around you. Hold your attention on perfecting the intention for what you do and not on the end result.  Try to detach from what you will gain, in your work, play, service,  obligations, relationships, creative endeavors; Immerse yourself in the task and leave the outcome to the divine powers to do with what it sees fit. When we detach from the outcome and simply do what we do to the best of our ability and with pure intentions, we are allowing what we have to flow freely unencumbered by selfish desires.

Aparigraha is learning to let go and release our grip (without claw marks) when we are hoarding or attaching to someone or something out of fear.  It’s learning to  be patient with empty spaces without the need to fill them.  It teaches us to simply be satisfied. It frees us from our false ego self that tells us  impermanent, transient comfort, validation and perceived control are things that will make us happy.   Aparigraha  means developing a strong confidence and devotion not to this world but to the Higher intelligence that permeates and interconnects our lives when we choose to act from a place of  selflessness, generosity  and love.


Happy Valentines Day! 

Classes for this Week

Monday Evening at 730pm

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation on Heart Chakra to follow

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve or cancel if your plans have changed)


**Vinyasa Flow with Music by ShaktiPath this Saturday 3-5 pm at Yoga for Life in Setauket**

Please call Yoga for Life to reserve your spot 941-9642

$25 per person ($20 if you mention you are my student!)

with part of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society

Hope to see you there or here! 




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