ShaktiPath Kirtan Tonight at Jewel of the Lotus – 7pm!!!

Greetings Dear Yoga Students,

Please consider joining us for an uplifting evening of Kirtan  with myelf and Robert Condemi as ShaktiPath raises the vibrational energy through chant!!

7pm Tonight at Jewel of the Lotus Yoga Studio in Islip. Click on the link for more info

                      ShaktiPath Logo

ShaktiPath is a musical collaboration blending rhythms and harmonies to channel ‘shakti’, universal energy, from the deep seat of the soul straight to the heart.

Robert Julius Condemi, multi-dimensional musician/ yoga practitioner and Amy Perri, ERYT500/Registered Yoga Teacher and instrumentalist in her own right, create ShaktiPath. Together they deliver a musical experience that stems from traditional yogic chants, contemporary songs, and a distinct combination of the two. ShaktiPath provides music for Kirtan, Asana Classes, Music Venues or Private Parties.

Rob at 209-0080 or Amy at 839-0644

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