Yoga this Week – May 5, 2013

What we’re trying to do in yoga is to create a union, and so to deepen a yoga pose is to actually increase the union of the pose,

not necessarily put your leg around your head.

~Rodney Yee

The word, Yoga, means to yoke, to connect, to create union. When we practice Hatha Yoga we are trying to create union of body, mind and spirit within the context of physical poses, breath and movement. As I flowed through a practice this morning guided by a wonderful yoga teacher and serenaded by the live music of Girish, I had moments of feeling completely connected with everything within me and around me. In fact, upon leaving the studio, the woman who was practicing next to me told me she felt a deep connection to me even though we had never met or spoken before.  This morning’s yoga class certainly was not about whether we could put our feet around our heads but about total connection; our poses were in union with our bodies, breath,  music, musician, teacher and each other.

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Each time we come to our mats, we have a chance to explore interconnectedness. We begin with our breath and move into our bodies, but it doesn’t stop there. As we create union with a pose, we adjust, consider, explore, become present and breathe into the experience. We soften into the edges of the pose and watch them dissolve as we flow moment to moment. Much the same way we can choose to unite and connect with the situations and interactions in our life. We can choose to lean in, yield and be present, to connect and unite with everything inside and around us with curiosity instead of expectations.  As you move into this day, feel into the energy around you. Connect with the elements of nature. Let the sun, earth and sky serenade you as you flow guided by that wonderful teacher the resides within you. Rather than judge your day by how much you accomplish, see or do, choose to unite, connect and deepen into the mystery that is your life.

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Classes this Week

Monday Evening at 730pm

Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation to follow class

Wednesday Morning 11am Therapeutic Yoga – Walk Ins Welcome

Thursday Evening at 730pm with Special Guest Teacher- Megan Frisina, RYT – Yay!

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot in class or cancel if your plans have changed)

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This Tuesday Night is our Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture Class 730pm All Spots are currently reserved.   Watch for your confirmation email.

New date will be announced shortly.


ShaktiPath will be seranading Seva Yoga’s Five Year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday, May 11th.  Asana Class at 845am followed by Kirtan

There is no charge for this event – Reservations are required for Asana Class – Donations Greatly Appreicated


Another ShaktiPath Kirtan scheduled for May 17th 7-9pm at the Mastic Moriches Library.  This is the Have a Heart Food Drive Fundraiser that was rescheduled from the February Blizzard!  Please click on the link to reserve your spot.  This event is FREE to all (you do not have to belong to library) with a food pantry donation.


Calling all Reiki Practitioners!!  On Sunday evening, May 19th 730-830pm we will host our first Reiki Circle.  Reiki will be given and shared with all that attend as well as distant healing sent to those unable to be present.  The session will begin with a meditation to prepare, Reiki will then be offered to attendees and session will end with a few moments of sharing.  $10 suggessted donation Please reserve your spot.
Yoga Hike Event New Date – Saturday, June 1st 830-1130am – An easy hike down to the beautiful shores of LI Sound  will be followed by yoga on the beach.  We will then relax, eat our snacks, share in Sangha and before leaving the beach we will experience a brief meditation on the elements of the Natural World and then hike back.  Let me know if you would like to be part of this beautiful morning.  Weather permitting, of course.  $12 for the Yoga Class – All levels, ages welcome!!!  More details to follow….
The next Yoga Jam is set for June 8th at 830am – Please sign up as soon as possible.  We need at least four students to sign up for the class to fly.
Summer Solstice on June 21st in Times Square was an amazing experience last year.  Thousands of yogis coming together on the streets of Manhattan to Om, practice and connect.  .  Click on the link to sign up for an early registration notice.  This event is FREE.  Please consider joining in and come with us!!
Stay Connected!!


5 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – May 5, 2013”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring, as always. I will be in town in 2 weeks. I hope I make it to your Tuesday class on Tue. May 21st. Om Shanti! Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 05:04:14 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Amy – I just realized I have to be in Patchogue in the morning – I will have to miss class. I am so sorry for the late notice. I will be set to make next Tuesdays class! Thank you!!! Have a great night- Gretchen


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