Yoga this Week – June 16, 2013 – Happy Father’s Day!

“Isn’t life grand?  With all its beauty, hardships and craziness, isn’t life itself an amazing, wild ride?”,  my big brother said as he almost squeezed the very breath out of me with his engulfing bear hug.  We laughed as we continued to compare life to a big pot of stew with all its flavors intermingling creating a delicious, hardy meal that satisfies the soul,  and wished each other well as we went on our separate ways.  The little  whisper of his wisdom stayed with me overnight into this morning.  Life IS grand, with all its twists and turns,  it is still a beautiful journey to be both respected and cherished like a ride up a scenic mountain highway; at times scary, at times exciting, at times distasteful, at times calm or breathtakingly beautiful.  Cherish your life today, cherish the fathers that are in your life as well as beyond this life.  Be present to the unique flavor of today, be compassionate, be humble, be aware of the river of awareness that runs just under the surface of things that whispers…”Isn’t Life Grand?”…

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Yoga this Week


Monday and Thursday Evening at 730pm


Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation to follow class


Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am


(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)


**It is coming time for our beach yoga classes to start.  Please check your email or facebook page to see if we decide to take our evening classes to the beach.   Since it is weather and tide permitting,   I will post location of class by 4pm, it there is no post, class will be held in our yoga room.  Thanks for your cooperation.  **

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Mind over Madness Summer Solstice in Times Square is on June 21st, some of us have signed up for the 530pm class with Rodney Yee.   If you would like to attend this special event,  click on the link and reserve your spot.  This event is free.

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Saturday, June 22nd at 830am – Summer Solstice Celebration – Live Music and Asana Class with ShaktiPath and Barbara Delledone  at Santi Yoga.

Click on the link for details  This event is also free.   Donations are greatly appreciated!


Happy Father’s Day to All!!



4 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – June 16, 2013 – Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Hi Amy Hope your enjoying your day. Can you put me in for Tuesday’s class? Thank you Denise

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  2. Amy.. I always love your messages and this one was especially perfect. Life IS beautiful and a wonderful adventure with all its unexpected happenings, good and unfortunate. Thanks for the reminder. Miss you. Any openings in your Friday class yet?

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