Yoga this Week – February 1, 2014


Greetings dear yoga students,

Hope you are well and warm.  At a loss for time, so we will continue our studies of the Kleshas next week.  We are on the last Klesha which is

 Abhinivesha: Clinging to life or Fear of Loss

I will speak to this Klesha with next week’s email because this Klesha definitely deserves attention!.

 Peace and Love


Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930 am with Meditation to follow

Thursday Evening 730pm

Friday Morning at 930am Healing/Gentle Yoga

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)



February 11th Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture is all filled and accounted for!  If you would like to be on a the list for the next session and as soon as we get enough responses we will add another session!!

February 13th Thursday Evening at 730pm will be a Special Partner Yoga Class – Please reserve your spot – Regular class fees/cards honored.

Partner yoga is a fun way to connect, deepen your poses and have fun!  It can be deeply rewarding.  Feel free to bring a partner of your choice or come on your own, we will work it out!!

February 15th is the Have a Heart Kirtan at the Mastics Moriches Shirley Community Library!   1:30pm to 3:30pm in the afternoon!

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr begins at Yoga Darshana on Februray 19th!  I will be leading the Vinyasa Section of the program.  Take the whole training or just join me for 15 hours of Vinyasa!  Open to all serious students of yoga’

April 26 – 27 –   Camp DeWolfe Spring Renewal Retreat

We had a blast last year.  Consider joining me and the staff from Yoga Darshana on this special local retreat.


Shanti, shanti, shanti!  Oooommmmm

4 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – February 1, 2014”

  1. hi amy I sent you an email about a week ago letting you know I will be unable to attend the restorative yoga class.  Was wondering if you could hold a spot and the money for the next class you are offering.  Please let me know thank you in fellowship Meg      

  2. I will be there Thursday please! I have been out of town and it’s been TOO long.


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hi Amy, here is the name of the man who plows our driveway. Richie Reynen phone # 744-8815. Have a good week Carmella


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