Have-A-Heart Food Drive and Kirtan Cancelled

Greetings Dear Yoga Students,


Please be aware that the Mastics Moriches Shirley Library has decided to cancel the upcoming Food Drive and Kirtan that was scheduled for this Saturday, February 15th in case you were planning to attend.

hart trea

A reminder that any food pantry donation you would like to share, I would be happy to collect and deliver.  We have an ongoing food pantry bin outside our Yoga Room that I periodically drop off to local pantries in our area.


If you still would like to catch me chanting, I will be at Jewel in the Lotus on March 9th chanting behind Charlotte’s 9am Gentle Dharma Flow Asana Class.  Details to follow


Stay Warm, stay connected, hope to see you soon.



One thought on “Have-A-Heart Food Drive and Kirtan Cancelled”

  1. Hi Amy, I feel bad about cancelling the kirtan, but the registration numbers were so low compared to last year. It’s all about numbers here, and I have to be fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ money. I wasn’t planning on coming to class this week, only because I know me, and I won’t take it easy with my practice. I really did a job on my shoulder, neck and lower back, so it’s been very light stretching and yoga lite for me. I was flat on my back over the weekend taking a muscle relaxant. The book discussion went very well. We had a total of 6 people, but the discussion was lively and we had a good time. I am putting together a new book list and plan to have it out by the weekend with some possible dates for the next meeting. Hope all is well with you. Take care, Debbi

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