Yoga this Week – Happy Mother’s Day! Jai Ma!

***Please note that the evening class this week will be on Thursday Evening at 730 – Wednesday Night resumes next week***

mother earth 2

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.  Be kind, be loving, offer acts of gratitude to all the mothers in your life.  Allow yourself to be bathed in the light and beauty of the unconditional love of the divine mother in all her forms.

Jai Ma, Victory to the divine mother!

I offer you a poem that I wrote when I first became a mother, 18 years ago.  I hope you enjoy it.

mother earth namaste

“You Teach Me”

As I teach you to grow, you also teach me

As we go through each day, we learn how to be

Your freestyle way of going through life

Has taught me not to hurry or strife

You always seem to want to play

Never worrying about the day

You trust in me like no one before

Although it seems I love you more

I am your “mommy”, a highly respected position

My best role so far, a lovely transition

From girl to woman, from wife to mom,

I’m learning, you teach me.  Life goes on….

mother earth globe

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930-1120 with Meditation

Thursday Evening at 730pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

Saturday, May 17th Yoga Hike 8:45am

Please reserve your spot in class or cancel if your plans have changed

Hope to see you soon!!

If anyone would like to volunteer to help clear the trail for our yoga hike, let me know!!


Enjoy your day


8 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – Happy Mother’s Day! Jai Ma!”

  1. I love the poem… Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend and teacher.

    XOXO Theresa

    Sent from my iPhone Theresa Tursellino 917-453-3333


  2. Hi Amy, loved your poem. Enjoy this beautiful Mother’s Day with your children. See you on Tuesday Carmella


  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Amy! I’d like to come to class Tuesday. I hope there is a spot for me. Thank you! Susan

  4. Amy, Count me in for the hike on Saturday. I am not sure if I signed up for class on Tuesday, I am planning to be there. If you’re filled let me know.

    Thanks, Sue

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Thanks for sharing such loving poem Amy! It is amazing how our children bring out the most tender feelings on us!!! Happy mother’s day to you too- you are a wonder MOM!

  6. This poem rings do true with who we are as women and moms.. Thanks for sharing! Happy Moms day to you!

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