Gift From the Sea Book Discussion Friday at 6pm

Life is a beach!!


Please let me know if you are planning to attend the book discussion tomorrow evening at cedar beach. As of now, we only have three confirmed participants. If this is the case, we will move our discussion to Tuesday morning at 11:15am after yoga class.  Watch for the announcement on friday morning as to when and where discussion will take place.

Also, if you have taken a copy of the book from me,  please RETURN to me or drop it on my porch chair no  later than Tuesday so I can return them to the library.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this treasure as much as I have. 

Shanti . 

4 thoughts on “Gift From the Sea Book Discussion Friday at 6pm”

  1. Hi Amy,
    My friend Ellen and I plan to attend and hope more people confirm, as it was such a wonderful idea and experience to read such an delighting book!!!
    I also asked if you want to join Susan, her husband and I to kayaking from my place on Sunday at around 4?

  2. Hi Amy, I still have this cough. Can you please put me down for next Friday’s class. Thank you and have a good weekend Carmella


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