Yoga this Week – December 8, 2014



Teach me what I cannot learn alone.

Let us share what we know, and what

we cannot fathom.  Speak to me of 

mysteries , and let us never lie to one another


May our fierce and tender longing

fuel the fire in our souls.  When we

stand side by side, let us dare to focus

our desire on the truth.  May we be

reminders, each for the other, that 

the path of transformation passes

through the flames.


To take one step is courageous;

to stay on the path day after day,

choosing the unknown, and facing

yet another fear, that is nothing

short of grace. 

                        Danna Faulds

Relay for Life 2011

Yoga this Week

*Meditative Monday 7:15pm

Maryhaven Special Ability Yoga at 5pm at Port Jefferson Center

Tuesday Mixed Level Yoga at 930a with Meditation to follow class

*Wednesday Evening Vinyasa 7:15pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

*Please note evening classes require a minimum of four to sign up prior to 5pm*

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Winter Solstice Celebration – Friday December 19th 7pm

Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture – Wednesday, January 7th at 7pm

Stay tuned for info on our 2015 Fall Equinox Retreat

For more information, visit the Event page on my website

Peace and Love


5 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – December 8, 2014”

  1. Good morning Amy- Looks like you had a wonderful weekend from FB pictures! I got a call from Jena – and she asked if I could help out at Breathe on Tuesday – May I switch from Tuesdays class to Fridays class this week – if there is room on the 12th? Thank you- Gretchen And- May I sign up for class on Tuesday the 16th? Thank you ………


  2. Hello dear friend,

    Please reserve a spot for me and Lori. She’s working on getting out of work early that day, and I’m working on sending Bruce to a holiday party alone – LOL. We both think we will be successful!

    Really looking forward to it!

    What can we bring? Do we wear yoga clothes? LOL – you think I’d remember as I know I attended one over the years! Confirmation that after 50 the brain can only store so much!



    1. You got it. Dress festive but comfy. If yiu wsnt you can bring a picky food to contribute to our little refreshment table. Im flying to Florida Thursday to see my dad. Hes in hospital not doing well. He might not be long for this world. Day by day. ♥

      Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  3. Good seeing (+hearing) you Saturday. Just as a reminder, hold me 2 spots for JoAnne + I at the Winter Solstice. Bob

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