Yoga this Week – July 13, 2015

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“Yoga helps you reach your sacred self.  Once you touch this inner realm you’ll never be the same again”

Simona Rich

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Greetings dear yoga students,

Yoga puts us in touch with that part of ourselves that remembers what we have forgotten;  that we are whole, we are strong, that we can endure and we can meet our lives with grace, steadfastness, integrity and joy.  Once we touch this inner realm, we will never be the same again!

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening Yoga 7pm on the beach or in our yoga room (watch the forecast)

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

Sunday Morning Yoga on the Beach 8:45am

(Yoga Room classes require a reservation prior to start of class)


Our Yoga and Kayaking Trip was a great success!  Funds raised will go to the Invited Inn Soup Kitchen in Rocky Point!  Thanks you to all that attended.  Another trip on tap, stay tuned for date.

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Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy at the North Shore Public Library, Friday, July 17th at 630pm with me and Barbara!!

Sign ups require in person registration at the library.  Call first to make sure there are spots left!


Hope to see you all soon!!!

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