Yoga this Week – October 26, 2015




Greetings dearest yoga students,

Cherish this day. Honor the memories.  Keep your eyes open, your ears clear and your words sweet. Let go of the unnecessary and gather close to what is dear. Practice presence, focus on the heart and be sure that wherever you are there is always an opportunity to bring compassion and love to whoever crosses your path. Yoga is connection.  When we connect to the things that really matter like;  relationships, health, service, love, appreciation and gratitude we really can  restore our world to wholeness.

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Yoga This Week


Tuesday Moring at 930am with Meditation to follow


Yoga For Kids 4-5pm FJC


Wednesday Evening Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture 7 to 9pm (Still a spot or two open)


Thursday Evening 730pm Yoga Flow


Friday Moring 930am Healing Yoga


Sunday Morning 9:45 – 11am Yoga at Caruso’s


(Please reserve your spot for Yoga Room Classes)

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November 8th 3-5pm:  Sunday Kirtan at Gentle Strength Yoga in Mount Sinai $15 per person with Food Pantry Donation

One thought on “Yoga this Week – October 26, 2015”

  1. Hi Amy,

    Please sign me up for Thursday’s class. Colleen has to work late & won’t make it this week.

    Thanks, Jeanne

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