Yoga tonight at 7:30 and two amazing restorative sessions coming up

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Join us tonight at 7:30 for a gentle yoga flow.


Also to amazing opportunities for restoration and healing that include reiki, essential oils and restorative yoga.


First one is next Wednesday April 26th at 10 a.m. and the second one is Monday May 8th at 7:30 in the evening, the evening session includes acupuncture you can find all the details if you click on the events tab on the website.

Email me at or text me at 6318390644 for your spot.


Hope to see you enjoy the day

2 thoughts on “Yoga tonight at 7:30 and two amazing restorative sessions coming up”

  1. Good morning Amy, First I want to thank you for the incredible experience with your gentle yoga class last Friday.  I will also be there tomorrow but was driven by Gretchen and don’t know your address. Also I signed up for your restoration session on May 8th and will pay you tomorrow for that as I signed up last Friday but didn’t have the money then. My son will also be home from college on May 8t and has been experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress and I thought this would be perfect for him too.  let me know if you still have room in the May 8th restoration class with acupuncture and if so I will bring payment for both he and I tomorrow 🙂  Much appreciation,Christine Davis 

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