Yoga this Week- August 6, 2017


Greetings dearest friends

Letting go of fears is one of the hardest parts of walking this spiritual path.  If we hold on to fears of  the future, fears of mistakes we’ve made in the past, fears of not being enough, doing enough, we miss out on the beauty and sacredness of the present moment. In moment’s that fear arises try and remind yourself that there is a divine plan at work. Ishvara pranidhahana whispers a reminder to soften, relax and let go.  Feel the release as you breathe out, surrender and  embrace the now with all you’ve got for it is truly all we ever have.

Woman hands holding lotus flower waterlily against leaves background

Yoga this Week

Tuesday morning 930am with meditation

Wednesday Yoga on the beach 7pm

Friday morning healing yoga 930am



Much gratitude everyone who attended the summer yoga immersion class at the library!!  Stay tuned for some Fall offerings including the popular restorative yoga and acupuncture session on October 2nd!

Peace out!

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