Yoga this Week – September 13,2020

Holding the Balance-Ode to the Autumn Equinox

 Our lives hold grief and balm in equal measure, light, darkness are two ends of the same stick.  How do we hold all this life, all these dualities of sadness and joy, receiving and letting go, failures and successes, dreams and regrets, doing and not doing? The Tao Te Ching tells us that when we become empty we receive all that we have been grasping for.  This emptying and filling is as natural as the turn of the seasons.  To learn to let go with the grace of a tree in fall, to go within to shine the light where it has remained dark.  To share our burdens and our joys together as we walk this life full of transitions.  As we empty and prepare for what is to come,  planting seeds of intention; we find gratitude as we give rise to what is germinating deep inside; we honor the balance of light and dark. (AP)

Yoga this WeekNo photo description available.

 Monday Meditation on Zoom Click Monday Morning Meditations 10am

930am Tuesday Morning Yoga in the Yard or to stream click Tuesday Zoom

645pm Equinox Fundraiser Celebration (prior registration required)

930am Friday Morning Healing Yoga in the Yard (Link will post for Zoom if it rains Friday)

Please reserve your spot for in person classes or register on Zoom to live stream.


Our Second Yoga and Kayaking Half Day Adventure is this coming Sunday.  If you signed up, watch for the email outlining details this week!

The Equinox Celebration is full at this time.  If you are interested I can put you on a wait list and if a spot opens, I will let you know.  If you signed up and can no longer attend, please contact me.  Thanks.

I will be posting a POP UP Beach Yoga Hike for an upcoming day when the weather looks good.  We got rained out twice so I’m hopeful that the third time is a GO!  Watch for the announcement.

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