Philosophy Discussion group

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Namaste All,

In speaking with a few students it was decided that a philosophy discussion group would be a nice addition to our classes.  We spend a lot of time last year chatting and sharing on zoom and it became a great support for some of us.  We will shoot to meet once a month, or so, beginning with this coming Monday evening at 7pm.  I will present a yogic teaching, a few minutes of meditation and the rest of the time will be sharing.  Let me know if you are interested in joining us.  Please register using the link below so I know if you are coming.

(There is no charge for this group (donations accepted thru venmo if called to)

Also, we have an on going book club that meets once a month or so.  If you are interested in joining us our next meeting is July 15th at 7pm and we just began reading The Chelsea Girls by Fiona Davis which proves to be an entertaining read.  Here’s the link to join the Book Clubz group.




One thought on “Philosophy Discussion group”

  1. Hi Amy, What a great idea!! You are a natural teacher, you know. I understand this will be more in the way of a discussion group. I am definitely interested, but I have to see how I will be feeling. Can I let you know by then? Peace to you, María

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