Yoga this week – august 1, 2021

Greetings dearest yoga students,

Having spend an amazing week with a beautiful Sangha of like minded individuals learning what it means to truly have yoga as a life long practice has solidified my commitment to continue on this path.

We have come to our last of the five Kleshas (afflictions that cause us suffering) which is Abhinivesha: Fear of Death or the Dilemma of Impermanence. Abhinivesha rears it head when are delluded into thinking that something is supposed to be permanent and, therefore we become afraid of losing it. This fear leads us to trying to hold on (Raga-Attachment) or trying to push away (Dvesha-Aversion) what we don’t want. All the kleshas in someway lead us back to Abhinivesha, the fear of death or letting something go in it’s right time. This is also the hardest one to make peace with. Even the sutras themselves remind us that “fear of death arises all on its own, and exists even for the most learned and wise.” (YS 2.9)

So how to we rise above the affliction of this, the most difficult klesha of them all? It is through a commitment to our practice, studying our own tendencies, tapping into the wisdom of those that came before us and finally surrendering to what is. Giving up the attachments and the aversions and making peace with how life has shown up for you in any given moment recognizing “this too shall pass”. Impermanence, death, letting go are part of the natural flow of life. Practice becomes simply honoring the truth of impermanence so you can appreciate the present moment allowing the future to unfold exactly how it is meant to be.

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Yoga this Week

Tuesday and Friday Morning Classes held in the Yoga Garden & also on Zoom-Weather PermittingMeditation on Zoom only

Monday Morning Meditation 9:45am

9:00 am Tuesday Morning Class

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach 7pm Click Here for Info

9:00 am Friday Morning Gentle Class

Saturday Morning 11am Yoga in the Park

Class held in the park behind Tilda’s in Rocky Point Under the Awning-Rain or Shine!  Click Yoga in the Park

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