yoga this week – august 22, 2021

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Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

A full moon is on the rise for tonight and I have so much gratitude that the storm spared us!  Just like a snake, the moon sheds the past month day by day as gracefully as the sky holds it in its embrace.  We to must learn to let go, to shed the past over and over again until it becomes natural to feel its impressions slip through our fingers.  We can carry a lifetime of regrets or passively fear the inevitable changes that are coming we can make the decision to empty and become full again. Take time to meditate on the Full Moon this week.  Allow its fullness to remind you that cycles come around, things pass and things come.  Let its bright light remind you to shed the light of awareness on this moment.  The present moment where past and future stand still and all possibilities await you.

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Yoga this week

Monday Morning Meditation 9:45am

Zoom Only

9:00 am Tuesday Morning Class

On Zoom and in Person

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach 630 pm Click Here for Info

9:00 am Friday Morning Gentle Class

On Zoom & In Person –

Saturday Morning 11am Yoga in the Park

Class held in the park behind Tilda’s in Rocky Point Under the Awning-Rain or Shine!  Click Yoga in the ParkUNCATEGORIZED

2 thoughts on “yoga this week – august 22, 2021”

  1. Excited to be back finally on a Tuesday, I will be there at 9.

    Looking forward to it Joyce Bowers

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