Yoga this week-September 6, 2021/Mornings back to 930am

Greetings dear yoga students.

Class tomorrow will be in the Yard and on zoom. I unfortunately, pulled my hip muscles so I will have one of our lovely students demonstrating for you.

All students even teachers run the risk of injury. As with any physical activity, care should always be taken. However, teachers of yoga tend to focus more on their students when teaching so may be even more susceptible to over stressing or overusing certain muscle groups. In truth (satya) I failed to pay attention to an on going suble hip pain, therefore, it spoke out and clear last week during a deep backbend.

Hoping to recover as soon as possible. There is a chance I may have to parlay Beach Yoga to zoom. Watch for notification on that.

Until then. Have a wonderful holiday. Take care of yourself!



Yoga this Week

9:30 am Tuesday Morning Class

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach 630 pm Click Here for Info

9:30am Friday Morning Gentle 

3 thoughts on “Yoga this week-September 6, 2021/Mornings back to 930am”

  1. Hi Amy! Wishing you a speedy recovery. I will not be available this week until Friday.

    We are in Boston with Genes newest grandson! Miracles abound.

    Namaste 🙏 Joyce

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  2. Hi Amy,

    I won’t be coming to class tomorrow. Sorry but I have to cancel my zoom attendance. My husband, Bruce, just came home late tonight from an overnight stay yesterday at Mather Hospital following an outpatient operation on his foot on Wednesday. We have a home care nurse coming tomorrow to check that he’s doing OK. He can’t put any weight on his right foot, he’s using a walker and hopping on his left foot to get around. I need to be his helper until he settles into a routein.

    I hope you are feeling better. I hope to be back to class next week.

    Hari Om.



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