Join in the dance….

“Life is a dance floor and God is the DJ” Joey Perri

Hari Om my friends,

Hope you are all well and continuing to deepen your yoga practice. We are dancing through this amazing country of ours. Wherever you are, whatever your schedule, opportunities to bring the dance of yoga into your life are everywhere.

Having a quiet conversation with a wise woman on one of the trails we hiked we acknowledged how lucky and blessed we were to be able to experience this beautiful Earth in this beautiful place at this beautiful time. Together we offered a prayer that others less fortunate than us could also feel the joy and happiness we were feeling at that moment.

Keep practicing. Find your center. Trust your instincts and the universe will create a path for you to follow.

See you next week. Sending you love, peace and all good things from the West on this October new moon.

Namaste 🙏


3 thoughts on “Join in the dance….”

  1. ​how fabulous this must be!! and Joey’s quote is the best yet. Happy Birthday, Happy Celebration.


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