Hari om dearest yoga students,

It’s been quite a year so far and continues to unfold with both challenges and joys. I’m grateful for all of your support and continued dedication to your practice.

Just as a reminder there will be no classes this coming week as i will be on retreat, class will resume with Tuesday morning July 5th at 9:30 AM.

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking time for yourself by stepping out of your ordinary schedule. It doesn’t mean you have to go far, although getting away from your typical environment can be a great way to shift your perspective.

Take some time this week to take a walk alone and just listen to the sounds of nature . Go to the shores and tune in to the crashing rhythmic sound of the waves. Get Into bed extra early even if it’s still light out to give yourself that rejuvenating sleep.

Meditate do some postures and breathe. Give yourself the space to breathe and reset so you can be present to the joys of summer.

I will see you all next week. Peace love and lots of yoga



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