Yoga this Week – September 25. 2022

I apologize but it looks like I will be away this Friday again! There shouldn’t be any interruptions for Friday after this one, I hope.

Greedlessness Non-attachment

“The yogi feels that the collection or hoarding of things implies a lack of faith in God and in himself to provide for the future….By the observance of Aparigraha, the yogi makes his life as simple as possible and trains his mind not to feel the loss or the lack of anything. Then everything he really needs will come to him by itself at the proper time.” BKS Iyengar

Hari Om Dear Yoga Enthusiasts,

Hoping this email finds you well and diving into Fall with abandon and hopeful enthusiasm! Aparigraha is one of the yogic ethics that stands for non-greed or non-attachment. Practicing Aparigraha we are encouraged to foster contentment and gratitude with everything you have in your life reminding yourself you have all you need. There is no reason to worry, hoard or be greedy when you truly believe you have enough. Use this season of abundance and going inward to contemplate all you have, all you are and how you can share it with the world.

Yoga this Week

1030am Chair Yoga with Joann

930am Tuesday Morning Slow Flow

 6:15pm Wednesday Evening Meditative Yoga

*Please make sure you sign up for in person classes or cancel if your plans change, you can text me at 631-839-0644*

Hope to see you!



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