Meditative Walk in the Forest this Thursday 10/27 at 330pm

Join me this Thursday at Prosser pines for a Forest Bathing experience. We will immerse ourselves using all of our senses in the energy of the forest. This will be a slow paced, meditative walk appropriate for all.

Please rsvp by replying to this email or text me at 631-839-0644

Suggested donation $10 per person.

“Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein

3 thoughts on “Meditative Walk in the Forest this Thursday 10/27 at 330pm”

  1. What a beautiful meditation that will be. Love that place! I will still be on travel, but would like to send you a short poem I wrote about Prosser Pines. (I have it on my laptop and will send later today.) It was published by Poet George Wallace in “Walt’s Corner” a few years back. Perhaps you’d share it. If I could come, I’d sing it!

    Peace, my friend.

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  2. LOSE YOURSELF (c)2020 Barbara A Branca

    It doesn’t take much You don’t need fancy boots The path is soft, weathered pine needles Hundreds have gone before you

    As long as the whisper of wind through the treetops Is louder than the passing traffic You can lose yourself in the pines

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