Yoga this Week-November 27, 2022

Hari om dear friends,

Here’s an except from one of my favorite books “The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga” on a true yogi’s aim in doing asana (physical postures). Read on…we will discuss in detail this week in class.

“Her aim in doing the asanas is not only to increase flexibility fitness and strength, but primarily to release tension held in her body,  to loosen it,  soften it,  open it so that internal blockages and obstructions formed by old negative emotions and thoughts can be shaken up cleansed and washed away
allowing the bodies internal pathways and organs to become clear.

  In this open state her living energy, her prana can be free flowing and move uninhindered through her body.

The Yogi achieves this openness by performing her asanas mindfully,  working gently with her body and not forcing it into perfect positions…. Since periods of growth are not continuous the Yogi willingly contrasts period’s movement with periods of rest respecting her body so that it’s natural intelligence can consolidate what it has attained”

Yoga this Week

1030am Chair Yoga with Joann

930am Tuesday Morning Slow Flow

 6:15pm Wednesday Evening Meditative Yoga

930am  Friday Morning Gentle Yoga

Hope to see you this week!



2 thoughts on “Yoga this Week-November 27, 2022”

  1. Hi Amy. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Can you add me to Friday morning’s class this week?



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