Yoga this Week-December 26. 2022

We call down grace,
and gaze without wavering into the fires of creation
We find the place where
Love embraces fear and tears taste like faith
We let our radiance be revealed in laughter and in longing
We hold the whole of life, sweet grapes and bitter, healing herbs
We hold until we overflow
and offer back the gifts that we’ve received
The vessel never empties.
The growing love between us keeps it filled
Donna Faulds

Sending blessings and peace to you all! So much gratitude to our beautiful sangha. I feel so blessed to be on this path with you. Through all the changes, twists and turns of life we continue to grow together and individually in community. A deep bow to you all.

Yoga this Week
No Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening this week.
Join us Friday morning for a special Yin/Yang (active and passive) class ending with a meditation on moving forward into the new year with light and hope! On Zoom and In Person.
930am Friday Morning Gentle Yoga

Much love from my heart to yours


Looking towards the Light

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