Yoga this Week-January 8, 2023

Hari Om dear friends,

How do we prevent self inflicted suffering that is to come in the future? For one thing, it is not easy. It takes diligent practice and consistent awareness of observing your thoughts. Chewing on what might happen or having anxious thoughts about that which you can’t control is like over indulging in rich foods and paying the price the day after. It is satisfying in the moment but creates nothing but suffering later on.

Avoiding unnecessary negative thinking and catching the thoughts at the root is at the heart of creating a peaceful, harmonious life and is worth every effort to do so .

Yoga this Week On Zoom and In Person

1030am Chair Yoga with Joann

930am Tuesday Morning Slow Flow

 6:15pm Wednesday Evening Meditative Yoga

930am  Friday Morning Gentle Yoga

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