Yoga this Week-February 6, 2023

“Sit like a mountain. Sit with a sense of strength and dignity. Be steadfast, be majestic, be natural and at ease in awareness. No matter how many winds are blowing, no matter how many clouds are swirling, no matter how many lions are prowling, be intimate with everything and sit like a mountain.” Sharon Salzburg

This is an image of equanimity. To be strong and steady in the wake of emotional reaction. To be grounded in loving kindness (to wish others well), compassion (to ease others suffering) and spontaneous joy (to rejoice in another’s good fortune) these are the keys to maintaining a calm abiding so we can act from a place of wisdom and love.

May you find it now. 🙏

Yoga this Week On Zoom and In Person

1030am Chair Yoga with Joann

930am Tuesday Morning Slow Flow

 6:15pm Wednesday Evening Meditative Yoga

930am  Friday Morning Gentle Yoga

Self Love Sunday Synergy Session February 12th

10am & 2pm

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time. Dress in layers and bring a personal throw blanket. Lauren and I can’t wait to guide you through this heart opening practice.

2 thoughts on “Yoga this Week-February 6, 2023”

  1. Hi Ames! I think I signed up for Zoom accidentally but I’m coming in person if that is OK. I miss you guys!! Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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