Yoga this Week-April 17, 2023

Atha Yoga:

Yoga Begins Now or Let Us Enter Into Equanimity Now or I Purposely Step into the sacredness of the Present Moment Now

Dear yoga students

Whether we’re away on a beautiful fantasy vacation or home cooking dinner or doing the laundry Being aware of the sacredness of any moment is being in the state of yoga. Yoga always begins now. It begins now when we recognize we have stepped away . Whether we’re going through something difficult or amazing, we can purposely remind ourselves to be present, to remain calm and steady and begin again . This is yoga.

Yoga this Week

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Tuesday and Friday Morning at 930am

Wednesday Evening at 615pm

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3 thoughts on “Yoga this Week-April 17, 2023”

  1. I’ll be there Friday. Been doing ;your chair yoga vid and it’s great!

    Hope Bermuda was wonderful!!!!

    Namaste, Barbara

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