Labrynth Celebration Friday Evening June 2nd!

Dear yoga Kula,

I am so thrilled to be announcing the official opening of our beautiful Labyrinth. We will begin with a brief talk on labrynths and some suggestions on ways to walk the path. Feel free to come for yoga class, the labrynth walk, the fire, just to watch or to participate in everything!

This gathering is by invitation only. Please rsvp and bring a portable chair if possible. Weather permitting…it will be the beginning of the Full Strawberry Moon and I’m counting on Mother Nature to clear the skies for us. Check messages for any last minute changes.

Suggested Donation $15 along with a toiletry item for the local outreach. Soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc

May this endeavor bring peace!



2 thoughts on “Labrynth Celebration Friday Evening June 2nd!”

  1. I wish I could join .. I have a photograph event that evening .. happy that I am going this evening

  2. Is there a zoom class tomorrow morning? Tuesday….5/30

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