Yoga this Week – July 15, 2012



  **Monday Nights will be held on the beach – weather permitting – check email before heading out if it looks questionable**

Scroll down for info on upcoming Karma Beach Yoga Fundraiser
“False idenity occurs when we identify with the tools of perception
instead of the true Self”
                                                                   Yoga Sutra (11.6)

Hari Ohm dear yoga students,

Yoga encourages us to go deep within to find our true self which resides free from ego and transends physical and material limitations.  One of the key priciples that yoga teaches us is that we are perfect exactly the way we are, a diamond clouded over by the dust of misperceptions and past experiences.  The eight limb path of yoga simply acts as the clearing process which lets go of the un necessary and makes space for clarity.. 

When we truly own who we are, standing in our truth, regardless of what others may think or society may dictate, we are actually inspiring others to do the same.  Our truth, with all of our pain, issues, past and present is who we were meant to be.  Connecting with our true identity means connecting to the sacred within and allows us to  tap into our immense capacity for creativity, compassion, strength and love which ultimately engages us deeply with life itself. 

Try to nourish yourself with others who are walking on this path to truth.  Have compassion for those who don’t have the resources or desire to join you.  Be happy for those who have found themselves but try not to concern yourself with those that refuse to accept you for who you are, simply wish them well and follow your destiny. 

Classes for this Week

Monday Sunset Yoga on the beach at Hallock Landing 730pm

 Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation to follow

Thursday Evening 730pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot in class or cancel if your plans have changed)


 Karma Beach Yoga Fundraiser

at the Shoreham Shore Club

(Not the Shoreham Country Club -Read directions on page carefully)

July 22nd 8am

Click on link for more information


 “We shine like diamonds in the sun, every one us us. Everyone of us Shines…”  Girish






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