Yoga this week – July 8, 2012


“All spiritual jouneys have a destination to which the travelor is unaware.  Most of us who start out on the yoga mat, do not realize that, if we dedicate ourselves to practice, its only a matter of time before the mat becomes an altar” 

Stephen Cope



Greetings dear yoga students,

The practice of Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion.  Every pose we take, every breath we inhale, every intention and action is practiced as devotion to the divine which lives both inside and outside you.  The deeper we penetrate our physical world through our asana practice, we realize the divine lives in all things physical and that the physical lives in all things spiritual.  The bhakti yogi seeks more than anything to develop a “direct, intense, personal relationship with the divine or simply with life itself”. 

There are countless ways to practice Bhakti yoga.  Chanting spiritual mantras,  praying with beads, gardening in the earth’s soil, relishing the light in a loved ones eyes, playing with a child or finding compassion in your heart when it is needed most are all postures we can take to express our devotion to the divine forces that are all around us.  We can also come to our practice with dedication and reverence for this ancient science which, in turn, enables us to transform our own yoga mat into a sacred space where we come to be in the presence of the divine that is both inside, outside and in all things.

Classes for this Week

Monday and Thursday Evening at 730-9pm

Tuesday Morning 930-11am with meditation to follow class

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930-11am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

**Karma Beach Yoga Fundraiser**

(Click on the link above for more details)

July 22nd 8-9am

at the Shoreham Shore Club

**Special Thanks to Megan for getting the permission to use this beautiful private beach**

Hope to see you all real soon,

May you be happy, healthy, free from danger and walk in your life with ease!!



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