Yoga this Week – December 1, 2013

“Clay is molded into vessels and because of the space where there is nothing you can carry water.  Space is carved out from a wall and because of the place where there is nothing you can receive light. 
Be empty, and you will remain full…”
Greetings dear yoga students,
Are you having a good day?  If you are taking the time to read this email, chances are that you are having a “good” day.   It is very helpful to remember that at any given moment our entire world could be turned upside down and reality as we know it may vanish forever.  Examine how you define a “good” day.  Are you safe, healthy and of sound mind?  Is your perception clouded with some vision of what a good day is “supposed” to look like?     If something has disturbed your piece of mind, work at becoming empty.  Empty of the past, empty of expectations and empty of judgments.  In every moment, we have the opportunity to refine our minds, become present and open up to that grace that is always waiting to fill us up with its light.  We are vessels that are meant to channel the finest quality energy to ourselves and others, however, a channel needs to be clear in order for that energy to flow.  Empty, carve out space, clarify your thoughts and be open to this perfectly “good” day.
Classes this Week
Monday and Thursday Evening at 730pm
Tuesday Morning 930am with meditation to follow class
Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am
Saturday Yoga Jam 8-915am
(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)


Yoga Jam – This Saturday Dec 7th at 8-9:15am – Come and flow in this fun, fast paced vinyasa class set to rockin’ music and fun sequences.  All levels welcome to experience this energetic approach to asana!  Please reserve your spot!

Annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday, December 19th at 7pm

All are welcome for Playful Yoga, Chanting, Intention Setting and Sangha

Refreshments will be served – Please RSVP – All are welcome!! 



3 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – December 1, 2013”

  1. Hi Amy, could you please put me in for this Thursday and Friday classes!  Thanks!  I also would like to RSVP for the Winter Solstice Celebration on the 19th.  BTW, I wrote the newsletter article for the Vision Board class. I had to get it done by last Friday, so if we need to edit anything we still have time.  I am asking the patrons to bring their own glue sticks, scissors and magazines, plus their picture and journal.  We can work out the oak tag thing.  I pretty much took your description that was on your website. Let’s talk about the class size and the rest one of these days.  Hope all is well with you, and that you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family. I spent the holiday with Dawn and Neal. Take care, Deb

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