Yoga Jam – This Saturday – December 7th

Yoga Jam!

Saturday, December 7th


Yoga with Amy's photo.

A free flowing fast-paced vinyasa sequence set to rockin’ playlists with holdings of some adventurous poses and free style flows mixed in for fun.

Get ready to detox and make room for a joyful season ahead, lets shake off the darkness together.

This class will be intentionally challenging on all levels but open to all levels of yogis ready to take their practice to the next level.


Class cards honored.  $12 walk in fee

Please reserve your spot!!



One thought on “Yoga Jam – This Saturday – December 7th”

  1. UGHHHHH, LIYA workshop!   see you soon, though.

    Laurie “A solitary crane in winter snow needs no jewels”


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