Yoga this Week – December 8, 2013 – Note Change in Winter Solstice Celebration

**Note Winter Solstice Celebration date has changed to Wednesday, December 18th 7-9pm**
Greetings Dear Yoga Students,
We all know that change is inevitable, but yet we still cling to the known, the familiar, the comfortable.  George Harrison once said, “If we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing”.  Everything that grows must change.  It is just as important to our well being to accept and embrace change as it is to breathe.  Enjoy the moments of your day, embrace all that is in your life with enthusiasm knowing that you will never pass through this day again.  Be open to the shifting landscapes, the rise and fall of emotions, the ebb and flow of energy.  When the waves of change seem to be harsh and the seas are rough around you, remember that you are part of the ocean of movement and that, inevitably, we are being led towards are true direction.
Classes this Week
Monday and Thursday Evening at 730pm
Tuesday Morning 930am with meditation to follow class
Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am
(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

Annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Wednesday, December 18th at 7pm

All are welcome for Playful Yoga, Chanting, Intention Setting,  and Sangha

We will also create a group vision board creating a vision for our community and world,

(please bring a few images or statements to add to our board; you can find pictures in magazines, on-line or draw them yourself)

Refreshments will be served – Please RSVP – All are welcome!! 

Stay tuned for January  return of monthly Restorative Yoga and Yoga Jams….

A great way to begin 2014 is to spend the evening with Brian Miller  in our Yoga Room on Friday, January 17th to discuss his new book:

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs that Impede you on Your Path to a Fulfilling Life

Join author and teacher Brian E. Miller as we unite ancient wisdom with modern science and psychology to explore and implement simple yet very powerful creation tools

that will give you the power to manifest the life you wish to experience.

Based on his latest book “Small Steps to Giant Leaps” Brian will discuss how we can use meditation and other simple, effective techniques to become the conscious creators of our lives. Are you ready to be the master of your destiny?

(Cost is $30 – Please reserve your spot)

Hope to see you in class this week.



3 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – December 8, 2013 – Note Change in Winter Solstice Celebration”

  1. Amy ; Unfortunately I’m otherwise committed next Wednesday for the solstice celebration. Enjoy your holidays + I’ll see you at yoga jams + maybe restoratives. Bob

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