Yoga this Week – June 29, 2014


Greetings dearest yoga students,

I love summer. I love diving in, breathing the air, feeling the warm shining sun on my face.   I love embracing the cool breeze and the tingaling feeling of salt on my skin hours after a dip in the sea. I love the energy in myself and I can feel it in those around me. Today’s kayaking adventure included all of these things and more. I am so very blessed to do the work that I love in this lifetime. To be around such wonderful open-minded people embracing natures beauty not only sharing an adventurous  journey across the water,  but an inspiring  yoga class on an island while collectively raising funds for our local soup kitchen was truly a gift. The water, sun, air, sky, birds, sand were all part of our practice.   When a student came up to me and said “Amy, you have truly found your dharma, this is your life’s work”, it filled me with such joy and awe.  Work?  I smiled and laughed to myself because I really never feel like any of these classes, events, sangha’s, are work!! (Although I must say, I will sleep deep tonight!)   Thank you all for your continued dedication to your yoga practice and to this community that continues to grow.  Thank you all for allowing me to live my dharma by brining this ancient practice of yoga in all its forms to new and continuing students.  And thank you for being  the open, receptive, loving and supportive people that yogi’s are known to be.  Sat Nam, A deep, loving bow to you all!!

mother earth 2

Classes this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening at 715 at the Beach *

Friday Happy Fourth of July (No Class)

Sunday Morning 845am at the Beach *

*(Remember beach classes are weather permitting – if the weather looks questionable, check the website or facebook page, if there is no posting, beach is a go!)


July Happenings

Tuesday July 15th at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga and Wellness Center I will be providing live musical chanting at two of the evening classes

Click on the link for details

If you are a patron of the North Shore Public Library, check out the Saturday workshops on Ayurvedic practices that Kim (Kishori) is leading.  Kim facilitated an Ayurvedic lecture here at our yoga room last summer.  If you are interested sign up!  It should be very informative.

 cobras and om

Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy, peaceful and Free.  And my our thoughts, words and actions in this day help to contribute to that freedom for all.

Thank you also to those hat support our freedom, in and out of the military.  May you be safe, healthy, happy and know peace!




2 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – June 29, 2014”

  1. Amy~ thank uagain4 a wonderful day! Chris & I had sooo much fun. If u come across the picture u took of us on the beach, please fwd to me…. I look fwd to our next adventure

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. hi amy…

    i am SO happy to hear you had a glorious day on the water, as i knew you would…

    i was so bummed to miss it…i had a wedding in NJ the night before but was determined to come…and i was all ready to come, but i woke up that morning with that scratchy sore throat i knew was the tell-tale of the cold aliya had the week before, putting a halt on july 4th travel plans, among other summer activities…

    back to self now and loving this weather!

    any mornings coming up for a kayaking or biking? maybe recruit bob?



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