Yoga & Kayaking Adventure Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings adventurous ones.

Follow this link for directions and details but please read below.


If you are planning to attend, please try and arrive early so that we can meet on the sand by the dock at 10am. The rental facility opens at 9am, so if you are renting please give yourself sufficient time. The rental facility is just a short 2 minute paddle to the beach by the dock where we are shooting for a 10am meet up so you would want to be in your boat before 10.

For those of you who are bringing your own boats; the rental facility told me they will allow us to park the overflow of cars in their lot, so if you arrive and do not find parking at the dock, go to the rental facility and tell them you are with the Yoga and Kayaking group.  There are limited number of legal parking spots on the dock so be careful.

If you are NOT renting, you MUST BRING YOUR OWN LIFE VEST and have proper equipment.  If you rent, they will give you everything you need.  Don’t forget to bring lunch or snacks, drink, sunscreen,  towel and/or yoga mat and exact change for the $15 fee.

mother earth 2

Looking forward to water, sun, sand, air, and lots and lots of open space to share together in Sangha!!


Any questions, email me!




4 thoughts on “Yoga & Kayaking Adventure Tomorrow Morning!”

  1. Amy, I am thinking of you out there on this beautiful day! Sadly I’ve been under the weather for weeks now! Hope I get to the root of my aches & pains & vertigo this week! (Lyme came back negative) I miss you and practicing sooooooo much! If I have a good day, Wednesday, I plan to attend beach yoga. Namaste, Susan

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  2. – Ah~ha ~ So this is the message I missed. Hadn’t been home for a day to check my e~mail. Glad it worked out. Maybe we can squeeze in another one before the end of paddling season. Maybe a bit more structure ie. keeping the group together would keep the paddling safer ? The group disolved pretty quickly, so JoAnne + I would up paddling around Consience Bay. Beautiful area. Maybe I’ll take you after you get your new kayak. Bob

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