Special Offering: Yoga and Ayurveda for Fall, Tuesday Oct 21st – 930am

 **Please note:  This special offering takes the place of the regular Tuesday Morning class**


Bring yourself into perfect balance this fall season


Yoga and Ayurveda


Tuesday, October 21st at 9:30 to 1115am

The transition into fall can aggravate Vata – our air element. Autumn itself is a Vata season characterized by dry, windy, and cool weather.  The best way to balance this energy is through yogic and ayurvedic practices that are grounding and nourishing.  Restoring our connection to the earth and to ourselves at a deeper level will balance Vata and keep us from feeling frazzled.

Join Kishori Gopika (Kim Williams) to learn how to harmonize with the fall season and harness this powerful energy of Vata available to us for self transformation.

Kishori will teach a Vata balancing yoga class focusing around centering the body and calming the nervous system. The class will be followed by guidance on how to stay healthy throughout the fall season through Vata balancing lifestyle, dietary recommendations and self-care practices.

Kishori Gopika is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor who has been studying and practicing in India for the last ten years.

Regular Class Fees Apply with an additional $10 fee for Guest Teacher


Please contact Amy to reserve your spot!

YogaWithAmy@optonline.net or 839-0644



2 thoughts on “Special Offering: Yoga and Ayurveda for Fall, Tuesday Oct 21st – 930am”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I would LOVE to take this class and learn about balancing vata as we transition into Autumn. Sadly, work comes first and I am working that day. Is this a one-time event or will there be an encore…perhaps an evening class? If not, I will gladly pay if she will share the nutritional/list of poses so that I can attempt to treat myself at home.

    Looking forward to the Yoga Hike at Avalon.

    with love and light — Kate

  2. Looks great! Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I remember your words yesterday about getting out of the way of our own ego and just trying to make something nice – very helpful. What was the book you were reading by the way? You never mentioned the title.

    Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 12:44:11 +0000 To: kishorigopika@hotmail.com

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