Yoga this Week – November 15, 2014

 May all hearts be at ease. May our contentment promote the energies to alleviate suffering and turn ignorance into knowledge. May the cultivation of santosha guide us to courageous action, deeper community and greater love of all sentient beings.

                                          Swami Shraddhananda

namaste flow

Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

Santosha is one of the Niyamas outlined in the eight limbs of yoga.  Niyamas are ethical practices that cultivate inner peace and awareness about ourselves.  Santosha means contentment.  To be content with whatever is.  Having the good fortune of participating in a workshop with Todd Norian this past week enlightened me to a new way of thinking about Santosha.  He spoke about life being a series of problems that need our constant attention, creativity, compassion and openness.  We all know that once one issue, obstacle or problem is solved, right behind it rolls in another one, like waves on the ocean; the issues may seem bigger, smaller or take a different shape, but never the less, they keep coming.  What Todd so eloquently eluded to is that all we really need to change is our perspective; to change our obstacles into stepping stones on which we grow.  To be content in the action of solving, resolving or figuring out solutions while letting go of the result.  Contentment is now, not when things get better, not when we have all we think we need, it is now, in this moment.  It allows us to love all of life, opening our hearts and clearing it out of judgment as to what we consider “good” or “bad”.  Contentment allows our hearts to be at ease and turns our ignorance into knowledge.

paisly yoga

Yoga this Week

Meditative Monday at 7:15pm

Tuesday Morning Yoga at 9:30am with Meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening Yoga at 7:15pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

**Evening Classes require at least four to sign up prior to 5pm to run)

 Beach yoga2


Saturday, November 22nd at 9am, Musical Chanting and Yoga at Yoga for Life
December 6th, Long Island Yoga Association Holiday Luncheon – Kirtan with Amy & Friends
Save the Date for our annual Winter Solstice Party – Thursday, December 18th 7pm
Next Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils scheduled for Jan 7 2015
Equinox Yoga Retreat – September 18, 19 and 20 of 2015 – Plans are underway!!  So excited..details coming soon!!
Click on Events page for details on happenings or contact me directly!


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