Snow, ice, snow, ice…No Class Tonight!

Greetings again yogi’s and yogini’s,

As you probably figured by now, there won’t be yoga class tonight.  Its just too crazy out there!!  I hope you all remain warm, safe and dry tonight.  Let’s see what the morning brings for our Tuesday 930am class.  I sincerely hope the roads are clear, the walks get shoveled and schools are open!!!

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“May I float through my life like the beautiful snow flakes outside my window.  Each individual and unique, no one like the other, gracefully becoming one with all that exists.  From the sky it comes and to the sky it will return”

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Shanti, shanti, shanti.  Oooooommmmmmmm

2 thoughts on “Snow, ice, snow, ice…No Class Tonight!”

  1. Hi Amy Im planning on coming to class tonight. I’ve had a really bad stiff neck & shoulders for over a week now. It’s feeling better than it was but I still have stiffness. I will just need to take it easy and hopefully some stretching and twisting will help. See you later. Carrie

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  2. I just realized its the special acupuncture class tonight. Lol. Oops. Maybe Monday

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