Yoga this Week – February 2, 2015

**I am planning on class tonight but we will see how the weather pans out, let me know if you would like to come**

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Dearest Yoga Students,

Hoping you are safe and warm this morning.  Whatever the weather, we really do have the ability to create a positive inner shift simply by cultivating gratitude.  Just coming back from the beautiful west coast of Florida, the scene outside my window is a bit of a shock!  Being in gratitude in the moment is one of the best things we can do to live a most productive, love filled life.   All it takes is one breath, one thought, one inner seed to be planted to change a day from black and white into a day filled with vibrant color.  All it takes is an inner shift because happiness really is an inside job.

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Classes this Week

Monday Evening at 7:15pm

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation to Follow

Wednesday Evening Class is Replaced this week with Rest Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture Session at 7pm (see below)

Healing Yoga Friday Morning at 930am


(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Events and Workshops – Click on Link Below  for details


February 4th at 7pm – Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupuncture with Essential Oils currently has two spots open.  If you would like to attend please contact me directly.  Its going to be a good night!!


Partner Yoga Class – Friday Night 6:30 -8pm February 20th

Join me and my good friend,  Lois Healion, RYT500,  for a special partner yoga class honoring our interconnectedness!

Class will conclude with a Chocolate Meditation to savor the sweetness of connection.

  You do not have to come with a partner and you don’t have to be a couple.  This class is for all!

Limited space – Sign up as soon as possible – Payment in advance holds your spot. $15 per person


Saturday Morning, March 7th at 8:45  to 10:30am Workshop with Kim Williams (Kishori)

Prana, Teja and Ojas: Vital Essences of Transformation

Yoga is an inner alchemical process through which we can develop higher consciousness. We each have the capacity within us to go beyond ordinary human awareness to reach a state of Self-realization.   Prana, Tejas, and Ojas  support health, creativity and well-being. They provide the foundation for deeper yogic and meditational practices.   We will especially focus on how to cultivate Ojas as that is the foundation on which our yoga practice rests. It is responsible for our immunity and on a deeper level, our sense of well-being or our bliss body. Ojas is directly linked with the essence of divine love within and can be cultivated through bhakti yoga and a lifestyle full of wholesome pleasures.

$20 Exchange with Advance Registration

Vernal Equinox is on its way….only 6.5 weeks away!  Happy Groundhog Day!



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  1. love the quotes Amy!I will try to her out and attend.

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