Relax and Renew Healing Sessions – Now Booking Appointments

“The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge is to silence the Mind”


    Relax and Renew Healing Sessions

Restorative Yoga ~ Reiki Energy ~  Essential Oils ~ Sound Therapy ~ Guided Meditations ~ Chakra Clearing

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Imagine being supported by yoga bolsters, blankets and pillows, essential oils permeating the room, reiki energy flowing,  the sound of singing bowls and my voice guiding you away from your everyday concerns and into a blissful state of being.

These ancient modalities are specifically designed to bring you into a state where stress disappears and peace and joy can emerge.  Deep relaxation of this kind has the ability to promote profound healing in both the physical and emotional body.


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Private or semi private healing sessions include a 70 minute treatment of any combination of the following:

Restorative Yoga ~ Reiki Energy ~  Essential Oils ~ Sound Therapy ~ Guided Meditations ~ Chakra Clearing

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Restorative Yoga is a passive expression of classic yoga poses supported by pillows, blankets and props with gentle massage.

Reiki Healing Energy Work is a non-invasive channeling of healing energy designed to release toxins emotionally and physically

Essential Oil Therapy using pure essential oils to stimulate and rejuvenate

Sound Therapy and Guided Meditations is a combination of singing bowls, chanting and/or guided imagery to promote deep peace.

Chakra Clearing is a balancing of the chakras with the aide of  mudras,  seed sounds, mantras and Reiki

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Each 70 Minute session is specifically designed to meet your individual or group needs.

$65 for Private Session 
$110 for tw0 people or two individual sessions.
$145 for three people or three  individual sessions

(For Groups Larger than three, contact me)

Now Booking Appointments, Contact me for availability and to discuss your individual needs

839-0644 or

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