Rocky Point, New York Yoga, Meditation & Healing Studio

Bring a friend to class and receive a free Lavender Oil “Roll 2 Go”

Introduce a friend to Yoga with Amy!


Remind your friend that our yoga classes are held in a nurturing, intimate environment incorporating essential oils, one on one attention, philosophy, community and much more.  Give them the gift of experiencing the whole of yoga as is it meant to be.

Beach yoga2

Yoga is not just about the poseYoga is a union of mind, body and spirit.  Reserve a spot for your friend along side of yours and receive a Lavendar Oil “Roll to Go” for your referral!

One response

  1. Colleen Cain

    Amy 😔. Chris already told me he is way too busy to be home on time! Ugh. Hopefully next week!!! Thank you!! Colleen

    Sent from Colleen’s I phone 💟


    November 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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