Yoga this Week – February 7, 2016

“The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them. I was wondering what my body knew that I didn’t.”

Sue Monk Kidd, “The Secret Life of Bees”

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Sometimes we get that visceral feeling in our bodies where the hair stands up on end, our gut tightens or our heart seems to have a trap door that opens unexpectedly.  Our bodies can lead us in directions our mind does not have the ability to perceive.  Our yoga practice helps to enhance our relationship to our own bodies and breath so we can be aware of subtle changes, signs and signals that keep us true to our intentions and on our path day after day.   When the mind and body are deeply involved with each other, our spirit if free to roam.  Connect to your body as often as possible; either with yoga asana, breath awareness, walking, standing, in conversation and talking.  Remind yourself that life is a felt experience of being in your body; are you in struggle, are you breathing fully, are you relaxed, are your shoulders squeezing up around your ears?  The way we hold our bodies says a lot about how we are feeling.  Stay connected…”The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up”.



Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Morning 10am Therapeutic Private Class – Last class for this Session

Thursday Evening at 7pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Friday, February 19th – 7 to830pm –  Kirtan at the NSPL – Call to reserve your spot 929-4488 All are Welcome!!

Sunday, February 21st – 9 to 1030am – Yoga Jam

Monday, March 7th – 7 to 9pm – Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupumcture with Essential Oils – $55 to hold your spot – this session is sure to fill up!



6 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – February 7, 2016”

  1. Hi Amy, Just wondering how you were feeling and if you met with Wanda yet. Namaste, Dolores

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  2. I just read that quote in a magazine a week or two ago. It really stuck with me (even though I don’t remember it from the book). Such a coincidence that you would use it! I’m still not feeling great but hope to be back to normal by Thursday’s class. Just have a bad cold.

  3. I plan on coming Tuesday morning as long as the weather cooperates and we’re not snowed in! Susan

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  4. Hi Amy, I’d like sign up for march 7th restorative session,I may have two friends interested to come as well, if there is space., Jo checa

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