Yoga this Week – March 28, 2016

 May all hearts be at ease. May our contentment promote the energies to alleviate suffering and turn ignorance into knowledge. May the cultivation of santosha guide us to courageous action, deeper community and greater love of all sentient beings.

                                          Swami Shraddhananda

namaste flow

Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

Santosha is one of the Niyamas outlined in the eight limbs of yoga.  Niyamas are ethical practices that cultivate inner peace and awareness about ourselves.  Santosha means contentment.  To be content with whatever is. Contentment is now, not when things get better, not when we have all we think we need, it is now, in this moment.  It allows us to love all of life, opening our hearts and clearing it out of judgment.  Santosha frees up the hard drive of our minds and hearts so we are able to allow life to exactly what it is…perfection.


Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Morning Private Therapeutic Gentle Class 945am

Thursday Evening 715pm All Levels

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

Click on the link to see the upcoming events

Hope to see you soon!!



4 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – March 28, 2016”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I am finally finished with my very busy Thursdays and can’t wait to get back to yoga. Please sign me up for tomorrow night’s class. Colleen is going to try to come too. See you then.


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