Yoga this Week – March 21, 2016

“May you walk in Beauty and may you be aware that you already do”

                                                Navajo Blessing

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Happy Snowy Spring!  Spring is a time of renewal and birthing that which has been dormant within the earth body of your heart.  Beauty is always available when you choose to see it.  Its easy to walk outside on a perfectly sunny day and walk in beauty, it is in the times of foul weather and grey skies that we need to work a little harder to see it.   Whether in the fallow periods when we feel we are stagnant, dark times when it’s hard to find the light or  in moments of grief when sadness wraps around our hearts like a heavy blanket, beauty waits to be found.  May you know today, that whatever your life is presenting to you, like the weather outside that we can’t control, we can choose to see, feel and hear all that is beautiful and choose to walk in beauty.  As I type this a cardinal is singing his beautiful song  and his red color seems to be just the perfect accent to the white branch he sits upon as if beckoning me to simply be aware.

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Classes this Week

Monday Maryhaven Yoga 5:15pm Port Jefferson Center

Tuesday Morning Yoga with Meditation 930am

Wednesday Morning Private Class Gentle Yoga Series 9:45am (#4 of 5)

Thursday Evening Yoga for All 7pm

Friday Morning Healing/Gentle Yoga 930am – (Stay Tuned for possible cancellation)

(Please Reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Happenings- Click on Link for Details

Gentle Yoga, Breath work and Meditation – Tuesday, April 5th at 4-5pm at the NSPL

Wednesday, April 6th – 945 to 1130am -Gentle Yoga, Philosophy and Meditation with Discussion Five Week Series begins – Pre-Registration Required.

Kids Yoga Five Week Series – Tuesdays at 4-445pm beginning April 12th through the Rocky Point Community Education Department – Non-Residents Welcome

4 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – March 21, 2016”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I won’t be able to make this week’s class. Perhaps you could offer it to someone else. Perhaps you could take my payment and forward it to someone who may not be able to pay.

    I wanted to tell you about Susan’s husband…he fell while jogging 2 weeks ago and has a traumatic brain injury. He’s been in a coma, and seems to be waking up a bit. Susan is worn out and distraught. I think he’ll come out the other side of this with few deficits, but this is so hard on her.


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