Yoga this Week – March 13, 2016

As a reminder, I offer Private Sessions either in a package or individually.  These sessions can incorporate whatever you would like.  Yoga Asana, Philosophy, Meditation, Sound Healings or Reiki Attunements and Aromatherapy.    Click on the link Private Sessions to find out more!!



Hari Om Dear Yoga Students,

Hope this email finds you experiencing freedom in the present moment.  When depression or anxiety takes the center stage in your life, check in and ask yourself; Am I pining over the past or fearful of the future?  Chances are you will discover the source of your suffering  is involved with the imagined past or the projected future.  We must realize that our memories are most times selective and our thoughts about the future are shear imagination.  The only moment in time that we truly can know is now.  Right now you can feel, see, taste and experience your life.  The point of power is always now, right under your feet and in your heart.  Connect and practice peace every day, all day by remembering time and again to return to the present moment where all is possible.

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Classes this Week

Tuesday Morning Yoga with Meditation 930am

Thursday Evening Yoga Flow 7pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please Reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)



Wednesday Morning Asperger’s Syndrome & High Functioning Autism Parent Support Group  –  – Centereach Youth Center – 10-12pm – No Charge – For any parent or caregiver dealing with the complex issues of supporting a child on the spectrum.

Yoga Jam – Saturday, March 19th 9-1030am – Ring in Spring with a detoxing, fun flow sure to charge up your energy and lift your mood!

Gentle Yoga, Breath work and Meditation – Tuesday, April 5th at 4-5pm at the NSPL

Kids Yoga Five Week Series – Tuesdays at 4-445pm beginning April 12th through the Rocky Point Community Education Department – Non-Residents Welcome

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